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A social betting game inspired by poker.

Join a betting contest and challenge other players to win the footcoins pool.
The best predictors will win respect and wealth!

Last Thursday at 6:00 PM
Zlatan's contest
Yesterday at 4:00 PM
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verick's contest2
20 F$
1€ in F$


Fortune, fun and glory are just a click away!


Betting contests between friends

footfoot is the best platform to organize your private prediction contest.
Choose the games you want to play, then invite the participants of your choice to join a private space with secure messaging.
You can even choose to attach a prize pool that the best will share.

News from your team

footfoot is the platform made for fans!
Find all the news about your club, the summaries of the matches, transfers, live scores, videos...
Share and comment with others...create or react to controversies!


Secure payment

All payments and transactions carried out on footfoot are perfectly secure, via SSL encryption by our partner Stripe, in accordance with the rules in force within the European Union.
In addition, footfoot implements security measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data and confidentiality of data and personal information against any attempt of unauthorized access.

footfoot is also an app

You can download footfoot on your mobile, and for that you don't need to go to the store. Just go to from your mobile and let yourself be guided. If you want to know more about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) follow the link below

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