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Is it free to use footfoot?
Yes, the whole site and the mobile application are totally free. You can organize your own private prediction contests with whoever you want without paying a cent.

Can I bet money on footfoot?
The organizer of a round of contest has the possibility to ask his friends to participate. Please note that the law tolerates betting "as long as the sports bet remains in the private circle". - between friends or family. To help you, it is possible to the organization of a contest to ask your friends for a contribution. The amount of the global fee is displayed on the contest screen. is not responsible for the amount of money you decide to bet with each other.

What are the competitions offered on footfoot? allows you to predict on most of the football soccer competitions of the moment: national championships, but also but also world and continental cups: Ligue 1, Serie A, Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, World Cup, Euro, etc.

How are the matches of a competition updated?
The result of the matches of a competition is updated automatically when a match ends, starts or a goal is scored. scored. Each of these events automatically triggers the update of the the predictions associated with the match.


How do I make my predictions?
In your contest area you take position on the matches of the round. The matches are chosen by the creator of the round. You define the score for each of the two teams in the selected match.

Why don't I see all the matches of a competition, especially final stages (quarter finals, semi finals, final) at the beginning of a of a competition?
Unlike other sites, we only predict on only on the next matches of the team we know precisely the protagonists. precisely the protagonists. You have to wait for the end of the group matches the end of the group matches to know the teams that will play each other in the to know the teams that will play each other in the final phase and therefore to be able to predict them.

Until when can I predict a game?
You can make predictions on a game at any time up until the time the game the start of the match. However, once the time has passed, it is no longer you can no longer make a prediction on that match.

How to see the predictions of other players?
On the ranking of each round, you can see the predictions of the other participants.

Is it possible for the organizer of a contest to block the predictions in advance for the players, for example, at a fixed date predefined date?
No, this feature is not offered.

How do the predictions for knockout matches work?
The score is predicted until the end of extra time (120 minutes). The prediction system works exactly like in a classic match except that the score is the one after 120 minutes and not 90 minutes. The number of chips won does not depend depend on the result of the penalty shootout.

I don't see the option to specify the winner in case of a draw.
On footfoot we take into account the score before the sessions of penalty kicks.


What is the score taken into account in case of overtime?
The score taken into account is the one at the end of the extra time. In penalty kicks, the result of the match is considered a draw.

Calculation of your stack: - The allocation of chips depends on the % of predictions against you among all the predictions of the site.
- For example, if you made a good prediction that the home team would win, and 23% of the predictions gave the same result as you, you win 100 - 23 = 77 chips.
- The exact score allows you to obtain a bonus : It multiplies the chips obtained by 2, i.e. 77 bonus chips in our example for a a total of 144 chips.

On footfoot, at the beginning of the round everyone starts with 100 chips, which is the equivalent of the cellar in poker. You have the possibility to bet these chips:
- The placing allows you to to win more chips.
In our example, you have earned 77 chips with the right result.
If you bet 20 chips on this bet, your bet pays you 15,4 chips. (77*20/100);
If you also had the right score, your bet would have brought you 30,8 chips. (144*20/100);
... A bad result means you lose your bet. Your bankroll increases or decreases according to the chips you win or lose.In each game you can bet the maximum amount of your available chips.

In case of a tie at the end of the round, what happens?
In the event of a tie, the order of entry in the round will determine the will be used to decide between players.
If 3 players have the same stack (number of chips), the 1 st of the 3 will be the 1 st entered in the round, then the 2 nd and finally the 3 rd.


What is a contest?
A contest is a prediction competition between friends. It is divided into rounds, consisting of a list of matches on which to make predictions. Attention, at each creation of a round, the members of the contest members must register to participate. The winner of the round is the player with the most chips at the end of the round. A leaderboard of the contest allows to follow the ranking of the participants on all the rounds.

How many people can participate in the same contest?
When you join or create a private contest, the number of participants in a single contest is limited to 1000.

How to join a contest?
To join a contest, you must create your contest or have received an invitation link from one of the participants.

Can I participate in several contests?
Yes, you can organize and participate in as many contests as you want.

Who has access to private contests?
Only participants in a private contest have access to it. No other user or visitor to the site can see or interact with the contest. In addition, messages exchanged within the contest are only visible visible only to the members of the contest.

What is a contest organizer and what is his role?
A contest organizer is in charge of giving it a name, choosing the choose the matches of the rounds and define an amount if he wants to a prize pool.

How to invite other participants to join a contest?
All participants of a contest can invite other participants by using the participants by using the "invite participants" button and by sending an email or sending an email or an invitation link to their friends.

On some games, the name of the teams does not appear, is this normal?
Yes, this is quite normal, especially for matches in the tournament phase. The name of the teams of the concerned matches will be updated automatically by the application as the competition progresses.