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Nike Prove Themselves That 23-24 Football Kits Are Overpriced

Nike released a soccer training collection for the start of the 2023-2024 season, and it immediately caught our attention.

Nike Academy 2023-2024 Football Training Shirts

The new Nike Dri-FIT Academy Pro 2023-2024 AOP (All Over Print) short-sleeved men's soccer jersey is designed for soccer training. What is interesting about is that it bears the same design as the brand new 23-24 Elite Team third jerseys from Nike.

You pay 60 Euro for two logos and a few more panels and seams

However, the pricing for these items is startling. The replica football jersey with the same design plus two logos costs 95 Euros, while the standard teamwear is available for only 35 Euros. This virtually means that you pay 60 Euro for two logos and a few more panels and seams.

Nike Academy Training vs Elite Team Training

Meanwhile, Nike also released a Nike Academy 23-24 training shirt with the look of those of the Elite teams. Here, the price gap is remarkably small. The teamwear training costs you 40 Euro, and the Elite team training 50 Euro. So, here you pay just 10 Euro for the team and logos.

Nike Academy AOP Training Shirt - White/Bright Crimson

Nike Academy AOP Training Shirt - Cool Grey/Hyper Royal

Nike Academy AOP Training Shirt - Emerald Rise/Black

This discrepancy reveals that replica football kits are certainly the most lucrative for teams and brands - most fans simply want to wear the same kit as seen on the pitch and not one of training sessions.

Do you think replica football kits are too expensive? Let us know in the comments below.

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