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Standard: Chelsea’s vision for Stamford Bridge expansion awaits Stoll land decision

Besides the massive investment in new talent, Chelsea’s brass also want to expand the business by (hopefully) redeveloping Stamford Bridge instead of moving to a new ground to increate our match capacity. One major step towards success in our redevelopment plans would be buying Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions — a 1.2-acre site sitting right next to our stadium.
According to the Evening Standard, veteran charity Stoll and its board of trustees will know tomorrow the feelings of approximately 100 veteran residents that were interviewed during a nine-week period over selling the land for £65m. Their green light will be the key to Chelsea scrapping any plans of moving out of the Bridge and expanding our current ground instead.
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While Stoll highlighted the benefits not just from the money but also by the fact 20 flats would be kept in place in the case of a successful sale to Chelsea, the consultation period faced opposition from a “save our surgery” campaign launched by the Fulham Medical Centre. The hospital is based in the mansions, and in its absence more that 6,500 people could be without a GP until replacements are set.
Thus nothing is yet set in stone. While failing to purchase the land currently occupied by the mansions wouldn’t put an end our Stamford Bridge expansion plans, those will be made much more difficult if Stoll doesn’t sell it to us. With hope there will be a solution that will satisfy veterans, Stoll’s board and the medical centre as we take definitive steps towards rebuilding our cathedral of football.

The nine-week consultation period for Chelsea to buy the Stoll Mansion buildings next to Stamford Bridge ends tomorrow. Here is where we are up to with those discussions and the stadium redevelopment plans more broadly. #CFC — Nizaar Kinsella (@NizaarKinsella) September 19, 2023

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