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Oxford United Given Stadium Boost Following County Council Decision

Oxfordshire County Council has agreed to lease a piece of land just north of the city to Oxford United.
Oxford United Given Green Light on Site for New Stadium
County Council Meeting
The U’s are looking to build a new stadium and conference facilities at ‘the Triangle’ with the lease at the current site on Grenoble Road due to expire in 2026.
At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors voted to approve the lease to the club. While the move is vitally important, it’s just another hurdle the club must overcome as they now require planning permission from Cherwell District Council. Councillor Susan Brown, leader of Oxford City Council, said: “Oxford City Council are strong supporters of Oxford United and their fans and have been over many decades, including providing land for their training facilities at Oxford Sports Park.
“We want what’s in the best interests of Oxford United and the fans, and so we’re delighted that Oxfordshire County Council has agreed to provide the club land to build a new stadium.
“If planning permission is granted, the stadium will not only provide the U’s with a new home, it will become a hub for sport, entertainment and tourism that will support jobs and Oxfordshire’s economy.

“With new training facilities and a new stadium secured, we hope Oxford United has the platform to thrive, grow and get back to the successes I remember growing up in Oxford in the 1980s.”
Oxford United Statement
While the move is still subject to planning permission and covenants, the club were naturally enthusiastic about the decision.

“I’m delighted to have reached this key milestone but know we still have many more stages on the road to opening our new stadium. We have already undertaken extensive community engagement ahead of the land decision and will use the feedback we’ve received so far as part of our planning application.

“Oxford United are not only intending to build a new home for the club, but to deliver a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose venue that will be a major asset for the local community and the county of Oxfordshire. I’m excited to see our ambitious plans take shape in the months ahead.”

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