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Harry Kane lays out his expectations for Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United in the Champions League

Bayern Munich vs Manchester United is probably the marquee matchup of the Champions League, in the opening game as well no less. The Mancunians are struggling in the Premier League, but that doesn’t mean that they will be pushovers. Nevertheless, Bayern attacker Harry Kane expects a tough game (as captured by Twitter account @iMiaSanMia):
A difficult game. I know Manchester United are having a difficult moment right now, but sometimes teams like that are dangerous because they’re always looking to come back in a big way. So, we have to be prepared for them and of course we want to get the crowd behind us as early as possible on Wednesday in front of our home support and approach the game with a lot of intensity.
Kane also emphasized this “first” with Bayern and how it will be with him until the end of time:
The Champions League is always special and my first game with Bayern Munich will stay with me - so I hope it goes well. Looking for an in-depth discussion of the upcoming game against Manchester United? Then check out our newest podcast episode where we discuss lineups, tactics, the pressure on Ten Hag and Tuchel, and more! Listen to it below or on Spotify. As always, we appreciate all the support!

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