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Juventus make contact with Manchester United over Jadon Sancho transfer

Jadon Sancho has been strongly linked with a move away from Manchester United ever since he was banished from first-team duties. It has been suggested since then that Serie A giants Juventus would be interested in the England winger. With Sancho no closer to a return at United and yet to apologise to Erik ten Hag after his public outburst on X, formerly known as Twitter, reports are beginning to circulate about where he could be moving next.
🚨🗣️ #Juventus are still in contact with #ManUTD for the loan of #Sancho.
💰 The ⚪️⚫️ are willing to pay a part of his salary: talks continue, even if #MUFC'd like to sell him permanently.
📌 To date, the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 LW doesn't consider his possible transfer to 🇸🇦 a concrete option.
— Rudy Galetti (@RudyGaletti) November 20, 2023
Italian journalist Rudy Galetti has now revealed that Juventus are in contact with United regarding a move for Sancho. Sancho needs to leave United to resurrect his career and get back to playing regular football. A move to Juventus would be an interesting move for him and one he’d be lucky to secure because I’m amazed that any of Europe’s biggest clubs are willing to take a chance on him. However, Juventus’ interest stems around a loan proposal and United need to try get him off the books completely. That may prove to be a struggle in January. Get the latest Manchester United news, opinion, interviews and exclusive features with the Stretty Newsletter – Ad Free! Kick off your afternoon with the Stretty News verdict on all matters Manchester United.

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