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Bayern Munich sporting director on negotiating with ‘Agent’ Joshua Kimmich

Looks like Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich is representing himself again as his next round of contract discussions looms. Bayern sporting director Christoph Freund gave some insight into how the club views the situation — and how much it values Kimmich.
For starters, Freund was not surprised at all that Kimmich is his own agent.
“No, I’ve already had a long conversation with Jo. He’s a very intelligent guy who’s interested a lot in football and other topics. It’s unusual for a player not to have an agent, not everyone can do it. That fits with Jo’s character,” Freund elaborated in a recently released interview for Sport Bild, captured via @iMiaSanMia.
But talks are not yet ready to commence for the 28-year-old, whose contract expires in 2025.
“No, I haven’t made an appointment yet with agent Kimmich,” Freund added with a laugh. “But for me there’s no discussion about him. He’s been at the club for nine years. He’s an important part of FC Bayern and an absolute leading player.”
This will be a major contract for Kimmich and a pivotal moment for the Germany star to decide if his long-term future is still in Bavaria, or elsewhere. As questions about over where he fits into Thomas Tuchel’s plans — at the No. 6? — Freund is sending an early signal that no matter what, Bayern will make an effort to retain their leading player.

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