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From Shitposting to President of Argentina: Javier Milei Gets Football Twitter Talking

Argentina’s new president-elect Javier Milei has an interesting relationship with football in a nation where the sport is adored and Leo Messi worshipped like a king. A former teenage footballer, Milei is all set to get officially elected as Argentina’s new president in December after winning the general elections recently.
The 53-year-old is a radical far-right politician who has been swimming in controversy throughout his presidential campaign. Despite some of his controversial views, Milei’s eccentric nature and ability to influence the general population have allowed him to become the newest president of Argentina.
Milei has a past with the beautiful game of football as well. As a teenager, he pursued a career in the sport and played at a local level in Argentina. Indeed, he used to play as a goalkeeper for Argentine second-division side Chacarita Juniors in his late teens and early young-adult years before giving it up at the age of 18.

Former Chacarita Juniors goalkeeper Javier Milei is the new President of Argentina. Nicknamed "El Loco", he has no background in politics & has promised to make the US Dollar the official currency of Argentina. The nation holds its breath…

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