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Arsenal would benefit hugely if Ange Postecoglou left Tottenham for Liverpool

Ange Postecoglou is being linked with the Liverpool job as one of the potential candidates to take over from Jurgen Klopp at the end of the season. Arsenal are one of the sides watching intently to see how the Reds react to such a major decision in the club’s history with the Gunners and Mikel Arteta primed to position themselves as one of the main title candidates for the foreseeable future. Postecoglou has only just got started at Tottenham and has them as favourites for the fourth spot following a dip in form of Aston Villa and the poor seasons Chelsea, Manchester United and Newcastle United have had contextually. His swift success in improving the Gunners’ north London rivals certainly seems to have appealed to Liverpool. Despite Tottenham being reportedly sure that the Australian will remain with them beyond this season, the hypothetical scenario in which he does make the switch to Merseyside raises plenty of interesting benefits for Arsenal. As the club continues with Arteta, upheaval elsewhere opens up the door to more success. Tottenham’s project ends early Tottenham have looked admittedly better under Ange Postecoglou than they did under any of Nuno Espirito Santo, Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte. They finally look as though they have an identity and philosophy that isn’t born out of defensive frustration and timid attacking threat. The Australian has created a threatening never-say-die approach which has its risks but seems, at least in the short term, to have been paying off even in the absence of Harry Kane who left for Bayern Munich last summer. However, with this project under Postecoglou only just beginning, the damage of that being brought to a close prematurely and a new coach then having to pick up what has been left would have obvious benefits for their north London rivals. Arsenal will be entering their fifth full season with Arteta this year and talk of a new contract is certainly in the offing with stability a key trend of the club for the past near-three decades. Arteta’s project has seen the club rise from eleventh when he took over to a successive Premier League title race and return to the Champions League – and a Spurs managerial change now would certainly push them back regarding closing the gap again. READ MORE: Daniel Levy masterplan works as Tottenham Ange Postecoglou stance revealed amid Liverpool links READ MORE: Bukayo Saka reveals Arsenal penalty thoughts after avenging West Ham miss in six-goal victory Liverpool miss out The name that most Liverpool fans have been pining over is not Postecoglou but instead Bayer Leverkusen head coach and former Reds midfielder Xabi Alonso. Although at one time it looked like player-turned-manager Steven Gerrard was progressing toward the role, his poor stint with Villa has set back that pathway considerably. Alonso meanwhile is currently leading Bayern Munich by five points in the Bundesliga title race playing some of the most exciting football in Europe using former Gunner Granit Xhaka as a key part of his team. Alonso alongside Arteta are known for being the most highly-regarded young coaches in the world at the elite level and were Liverpool to land Postecoglou it would prevent or at least delay an arrival like Alonso. Leverkusen remain confident he will stay, but the call of Liverpool can be tricky to prevent. Postecoglou’s arrival might not only disrupt Tottenham but prevent perhaps an even more threatening prospect arriving on Merseyside. The wrong style? Postecoglou has certainly implemented a style where the fullbacks become frequently, if not always, involved in attacks with a high line that has both a high-risk and high-reward outcome. In some games, it has seen them benefit, hence their position in the table compared to last season, but in others such as the infamous home defeat to Chelsea it has made them vulnerable. The question of whether Jurgen Klopp’s high-energy approach that his squad has instilled within them would suit what Postecoglou would bring remains difficult to predict. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson might benefit but would the defensive evolution suit a Liverpool side that have also looked somewhat fragile at the back this season ultimately leading to their runner-up status to Manchester City in so many title chases under Klopp?

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