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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Nor’easter

It’s Tuesday y’all, the worst day of the week. Here in D.C. it’s particularly yuck — we have rainy, slushy snow and wind to blow it directly into your face as you walk the dog in the morning. I hope everyone in the Northeast stays safe and avoids too terrible of a storm. This Nor’easter has already seen its snow totals downgraded.
This Tuesday is made slightly better by the return of Champions League action. Copenhagen host Manchester City and RB Leipzig host Real Madrid. Tomorrow, PSG host Real Sociedad and Lazio hosts Bayern. Arsenal aren’t in action until next Wednesday.
An interesting, unrelated fact: January 2024 was the first transfer window since 2017 that a league other than the Premier League were the highest spenders. France spent $291M, England just $184M. I don’t think we’re going to see many windows like that, at least not until there is a dramatic shift in the balance of power, both on field and economic, in European football.

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