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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham News and Links for Thursday, April 4

good morning!
We like stadium food. And Cartilage Free Captain has rated player rankings to the theme of footy scran on not one, but two occassions.
Inspired by that and the nativity of the 2024 MLB season, I thought it would be a great time to look at some of the most unruly dishes across baseball’s premier league:
Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll (NY Mets)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have tried the Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll at the @Mets Game ($8.89) and it is a must try. The Mets #1 again in all of ballpark food. — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) March 31, 2024

Rainbow cookies are great. They’re a three-layered almond-flavoured treat with a little bit of raspberry jam and coated in a nice chocolate ganache. Egg rolls are nice too.
But together? Hot damn, that’s too much! Why put this together? Because THEY CAN.
Campfire Milkshake (Chicago White Sox) If a fried rainbow cookie isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, maybe this is. For $15, this 16 oz milkshake could be yours.
This chocolate milkshake is topped with whipped cream, roasted jumbo marshmallows, graham crakers, chocolate pieces and decorated with a choclate drizzle.
Renegade Hot Dog (Pittsburgh Pirates) Dear lord.
This diabolical footlong hotdog from the Pittsburgh Pirates comes with pot roast, pierogies and pickles.
The ‘4 Bagger’ (Atlanta Braves)

The Braves have a massive new food item at home games this year called the "4 Bagger" It's four burgers, one pound of BBQ brisket, reaper pepper mayo. jalapeños, cheese and beer-battered onion ringsAnyone think they can eat this whole thing? (via @ConnorHines17) — MLB (@MLB) April 3, 2024

Is a footlong hotdog topped with pasta, pickles and pot roast not enough to satisfy your cravings? Well head on down to Atlanta.
The unnecesasry and borderline offensive ‘4 Bagger’ isn’t really a sandwich. It’s a mega sandwich composed of four different burgers. A whole pound (the weight, not the currency) of brisket, jalapenos, cheese, onion rings and something called ‘reaper pepper mayo’.
Make it stop.
Fitzie’s track of the day: Common Blue, by Warpaint

And now for your links:
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