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How Did Matt Turner Receive -1 Point in FPL Without Even Playing?

Matt Turner has had an underwhelming debut season at Nottingham Forest. After joining the Premier League minnows from Arsenal in the hunt for regular game-time, things have spectacularly tumbled down in recent months. Turner, a USMNT regular, has not yet been able to properly adapt to the intensity and demands of the English top flight.
In fact, he has now lost his starting role for Nottingham Forest. Nuno Espirito Santo was clearly underwhelmed by his performances before dropping him. Ultimately, Turner’s poor performances in the losses to Brentford and Arsenal in January – which included poor errors that gifted his ex-side goals – cost him.
Now, this was utterly gutting for not just the goalkeeper, but also a lot of Fantasy Premier League managers. That is because Turner had grown to become an FPL favourite in the first half of the 2023/24 season. Priced under 4.0 (currently down to 3.8), he was the cheap secondary goalkeeper option that millions of FPL managers opted for. There was good reason behind many fans liking him.
Before February, he regularly played all games for Nottingham Forest and collected decent points for making many saves in matches. But since the end of January, Turner has become a mainstay on the bench for Nuno Espirito Santo’s side. The Portuguese manager has had enough of the USMNT star and is now regularly playing goalkeeper Matz Sels instead.
Despite that, Turner still remains in the teams of 9.7% of FPL teams – mostly as a secondary option. It’s also because it’s hard to replace a 3.8-goalkeeper without seriously affecting one’s budget. But those who kept the USMNT star as a bench option were played a cruel joke in the game week 31.

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