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REPORTS: Juventus could sack Massimiliano Allegri before next match

Wednesday’s Coppa Italia final will be remembered for reasons good, bad, and strange.
The good: Juventus breaking their three-year trophy drought.
The bad: The absolutely horrific performance of referee Fabio Maresca and the VAR crew.
The strange: Massimiliano Allegri’s behavior in the game’s final stages and the postgame celebrations.
That last one may end up hastening what most have expected was the coming end of Allegri’s second tenure at Juve.
According to multiple reports, including Sky Sport’s Giovanni Guardalà (h/t Football Italia), it cannot be guaranteed that Allegri will remain in charge of the final two games of the season after his behavior after the match. This included rather openly scorning the presence of Cristiano Giuntoli and Maurizio Scanavino during the post-game celebrations, as well as an incident with Tuttosport editor-in-chief Guido Vaciago in which he shoved and threatened the journalist, warning him to “write the truth” in his paper or he would “rip both your ears out”—although the phrase “ti strappa le orecchie” is probably more equal to “I’ll kick your ass” in English. There are also rumors he damaged camera equipment at the Stadio Olimpico.
Other journalists such as Giovanni Albanese (here) and Nicolo Schira (here) have also lent weight to the reports that Allegri could be terminated before Monday’s match with Bologna. Albanese has said that a decision may not arrive on Thursday, but that things will be ruminating in Continassa all day.
This is all still very new and developing, but Allegri clearly ruffled the wrong feathers with his behavior after the match last night. Regardless of last night’s win, Allegri was still expected to leave the team in the summer, so if he is sacked it will only hasten the inevitable. As for an interim replacement, no names have been publicly floated, but smart money would probably be on Primavera coach Paolo Montero to be in charge of the last two games. Ironically, the first of those two will be against Thiago Motta, the man who has been expected to be Allegri’s replacement for months.
Keep an eye on this space for updates.

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