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Is Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel headed to Manchester United? One pundit thinks it’s a fit

As Bayern Munich and Thomas Tuchel both debate whether or not they want to continue their relationship, the German manager could start to become a more realistic option for another club per Michael Owen — Manchester United.
Owen recently touched on the topic of a new manager for the Red Devils. Looking at Tuchel, Zinedine Zidane, Graham Potter, and Gareth Southgate, Owen knows who he would go with.
“They are all very capable managers. There is a shortage of managers right now, though. Look at Zidane, he doesn’t speak much English so I’m not sure Man Utd would be on his radar personally,” Owen told BoyleSports, who offer the latest EURO 2024 odds. “I would be very surprised. Potter could be a candidate. I know Dan Ashworth is not officially working there at the moment, but he knows Potter and Southgate well so that’s probably where those links are coming from.
“Tuchel would be an interesting one. If Bayern won the Champions League, could there be a U-turn? They haven’t won the league but if you offered them the Champions League only at the start of the season, they would snap your hand off. But yes he could become available and I think a lot of Chelsea fans regret parting with Tuchel. He is one big name capable of the job. The one out of them I’d be most surprised at would be Zidane. I think it’s very possible it will be Southgate or Potter, they are very impressive guys. It was a difficult time when Potter took over, so you wouldn’t want to scratch his name and say it was an awful job. I don’t think Potter and Southgate are out of the question.”
As of now, it seems as if Tuchel is giving serious consideration to reconciling with Bayern Munich. If that falls through, will he go to Manchester United? Looking for more thoughts and analysis of Bayern Munich’s arduous hiring process for its head coaching position? What about why Hansi Flick jumped off the radar, while Thomas Tuchel has — once again — jumped to the forefront of the club’s plans? Oh, and what about the German national team roster, the bizarre roster release process, and our thoughts on some of the major omissions? Well, we have you covered for all of that with our Bavarian Podcast Works — Weekend Warm-up Show! You can get it on Spotify or below:

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