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Jeremy de Leon Discusses His Experience with the Real Madrid First Team

Jeremy de Leon, a forward for Real Madrid’s Castilla team, has become an unexpected hero in Real Madrid’s 15th Champions League victory without even playing official minutes. Among Madridista social network channels, the Puerto Rican was highlighted as a good luck charm. Dani Ceballos even posted a picture with the player in instagram, captioning the moment: “With our lucky charm”. Initially a surprise inclusion by Carlo Ancelotti for the tie against Manchester City, he quickly became a fixture in European squad call-ups, culminating in the title win at Wembley.
Days after the celebration, Jeremy de Leon appeared on Puerto Rican YouTuber Chente Ydrach’s podcast, where he shared his awe at joining the first team. “Being with them is crazy. From playing with them in FIFA to eating at the same table with them... it’s crazy,” he said, still trying to grasp the reality. “It seems like I’m immersed in the video game.”
Initially intimidated by guys like Kroos and Rudiger, De León gradually adapted: “At first it’s intimidating, but then you get to know it and get used to it.” The 20-year-old, whose previous experience was with CD Castellón in the 1st RFEF, noted the nonchalant attitude of his teammates towards the victory: “These people have won so much that it seems normal to them.”
Looking ahead, De León aims to secure a spot in Real Madrid’s future plans: “It is difficult, in the end, it is the best club in the world, but being there opens many doors for you,” he concluded.

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