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Video: UNREAL moment at The Killers concert as England win live streamed before Mr. Brightside

The Killers provided an epic moment during their concert at London’s O2 on Wednesday night, as they stopped playing so the crowd could enjoy England’s winning moment over the Netherlands at Euro 2024 being live streamed from the big screen on stage. There was silence as the final moments of the match played out, but once the final whistle blew, the roof metaphorically came off. How to buy tickets for England vs Spain As the crowd went wild and red and white streamers enveloped them, the band launched into one of their best crowd pleasers, Mr. Brightside. Wow!
Possibly the most electric moment of my life. When the Killers livestream the Euros right before England win and they hit us with Mr Brightside.
— Martin Kimber (@MrMKimber) July 10, 2024

In a remarkable twist during The Killers' concert at The O2 Arena in London yesterday, the band decided to pause their performance and broadcast a crucial Euro football match on the big screens. The match, between Holland and England, was taking place simultaneously with the…
— Bangkok Post (@BangkokPostNews) July 11, 2024

@thekillers ad-hoc switching to the England match at the O2 stadium in London right in the middle of their show, so that all of the fans in the crowd could experience the overtime win. Right into streamers and Mr. Brightside in EPIC fashion! Bravo!
— Adam Hicks (@adam1212hicks) July 10, 2024
Pictures from Adam Hicks, Martin Kimber and Bangkok Post

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