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Ronald Araujo involved in chaotic scenes as Uruguay players clash with fans at Copa America

Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo was involved in chaotic scenes as Uruguay were knocked out of the Copa America by Colombia in the semi-finals.
The defender did not play in the match due to injury but was scene in the stands after the full-time whistle with a number of team-mates as a scuffle broke out between players and supporters. Uruguay captain José María Giménez spoke about what happened afterwards and why the players got involved.
“We had to go into the stands to rescue our loved ones, with a tiny newborn baby. It was a disaster. There wasn’t a single police officer, they showed up half an hour later. It was a mess, and we were there standing up for our own,” he said.
“I hope that those organizing this event take more care of the families, the people, and the surroundings of the stadiums because this is a disaster. The same thing happens in every match
“Our families are suffering because of those who drink too much alcohol and behave like children with no sense. I hope they take precautions and it doesn’t happen again because this is a disaster.”
The Copa America will conclude on Sunday when Argentina face Colombia in the final in Florida.

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