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Bayern Munich Frauen star Sydney Lohmann will miss EURO qualifiers with German national team

Bayern Munich Frauen star Sydney Lohmann will miss the German national team’s upcoming EURO qualifiers against Iceland and Austria due to a muscular injury. released the news:
FC Bayern player Sydney Lohmann will leave the German national team early due to a muscular injury. The midfielder will complete her rehabilitation program in Munich and will not be available to the DFB team for the remaining European Championship qualifiers against Iceland (July 12 in Reykjavík) and Austria (July 16 in Hanover).
This surely comes as a hard blow to Lohmann, who will — no doubt — work hard to get ready in time for the start of the regular season with the Frauen. Looking for more thoughts and analysis on Bayern Munich precarious plans and transfer rumors? What about some thoughts on if Harry Kane’s form for England should give Bayern fans a reason for concern? Well, we have you covered with our Bavarian Podcast Works — Weekend Warm-up Show, which is available on Spotify or below:

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