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Ollie Watkins simply knew that Cole Palmer would set him up for England’s winning goal

The two players who led the Premier League in goal contributions this season, combining for the winning goal in England’s 2-1 Euro 2024 semifinal victory over the Netherlands shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.
That neither of them are starters for this England team is of course another thing entirely.
But they got 10 minutes to make a difference last night, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s precisely what they did.
Cole Palmer (22 goals, 11 assists) fed Ollie Watkins (19 goals, 13 assists), and the rest is Three Lions history.
Though some might say that history was already written before it even happened.

“I swear on my life. I said to Cole Palmer, ‘We’re coming on today and you’re going to set me up,’ and that’s why I was so happy with Coley.
“I knew as soon as he got the ball he was going to play me and you’ve got to be greedy, touch and finish and when I’ve seen it go in the bottom corner, it’s the best feeling ever.”
-Ollie Watkins; source: ESPN

It’s coming home?
(If Palmer does play in the final, he will likely go up against Chelsea teammate Marc Cucurella. Could be fun!)

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