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‘Mans Gone Init’: Did Michael Olise Really Use UK Slang in His IG Goodbye to Crystal Palace?

The hardest part is always saying goodbye, no matter what we leave behind. For Michael Olise, it’d be Crystal Palace, where the Englishman played for 3 seasons.
Now officially a Bayern Munich player, Olise took to social media to bid farewell to the club and the fans. His message seemed clear and was a hit with the fans. In a screenshot posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), Olise’s message read, ‘Mans gone innit’

Quite unbelievable, isn’t it? That’s because it’s a photoshopped picture posted by a Palace fan to find some solace in Olise’s exit. Sure, £60 million for him can ease the despair of losing one of the brightest talents in world football, but to add a touch of humour was a genius move from the said Palace supporter.
The actual post on Instagram from Olise had a classy farewell message. Olise wrote, ‘Thank you to everyone at @cpfc. Thankful for the journey that i went through as a player at this club and the love that everyone has shown me since day one.
Thanks to all the staff, players and especially to all the fans that have supported me ill be forever grateful. I wish everyone at the club the best for the future.’
View this post on Instagram A post shared by MichaelOlise (@m.olise) The photoshopper altered a user’s name which had a purple display picture similar to that of Olise and added the player’s IG handle ID m.olise. The user in question commented, ‘Man’s gone innit’. Since the X user’s photoshopped picture went viral, many others commented the same on the picture.
Despite coming from a multicultural background, due to having Algerian-French and Nigerian parents and the fact Olise was born and raised in the English culture. The habit of saying ‘innit’ (an English variation of isn’t it) was a feature for Olise as well and the comment by the user was only a subtle nod to that.
The latest display of this habit was during the post-match interview in May after Palace beat Manchester United 4-0. Acknowledging the team’s talent and the home support, Olise finished his sentence with, ‘That’s good innit.’
Michael Olise will now look forward to his new surroundings in Bavaria before joining the French team for the Paris Olympics. ‘It’s a great challenge, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I want to prove myself at this level and play my part in ensuring that we win as many titles as possible with our team in the coming years,’ the winger said in his introductory interview with the club.
From Chelsea and Manchester United’s perspective, who were linked with Michael Olise for a good part of the previous transfer windows, it was a missed opportunity. Keeping the circumstances in mind, the most appropriate thing for them to say is surely ‘Man’s gone innit’.

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