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Mathys Tel recalls his early times at Bayern Munich

Back when he joined Bayern Munich, Mathys Tel was a bit overwhelmed.
Walking into such a star-studded locker room, Tel was a little wide-eyed and remembers things well — especially who the first person was that he encountered.
“There were all the French players and Sadio Mané. Sadio Mané was a role model for me because he’s always been there for me in good and bad times, so it helped me a lot,” Tel told Goal (as captured by @iMiaSanMia).
Things progressed rather quickly for Tel, who had a strong first season in Bavaria. Things were a bit nerve-wracking, though, when he made his debut at the Allianz Arena.
“It was completely mad, incredible. The atmosphere was really positive and the fans were shouting. There aren’t enough words to describe it. It was incredible,” Tel remarked.
Soon thereafter, Tel scored his first goal for Bayern Munich and is was a feeling that he will never forget.
“Firstly I couldn’t feel anything. I felt like I was somewhere else. I was so happy. There was total chaos in my head - a rush of so many good feelings. It was great,” Tel remarked. Looking for more thoughts on the hiring of Vincent Kompany, potential transfers in and out of Bayern Munich’s squad, plus some analysis on whether or not Germany can really be a force at the EURO 2024 competition? Good, then we have you covered with our latest Bavarian Podcast Works — Flagship Show! The podcast is available on Spotify or below:

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